8. Charging


  • Switch MUST be "ON"
  • Connect the Micro USB cable to the timer
  • LED goes solid red. This indicates charging in process.
  • You can connect the cable to your computer or use any charging device with Micro USB, such as cell phone chargers etc. USB only supplies 5 volts to the connector. Built in Charger circuitry controls the charge. It is safe to leave charge cable connected for a long time.
  • Depending on the battery you use charging can take from 30 to 70 minutes. There is no indication that the charge is complete. You have to check the voltage. If it is more than 4.1 volts, the battery is charged.
  • Fully charged 150 mAh battery is good for about 50 flights. Charge the battery if the voltage is less than 3.8 - 3.7 volts


  • Friday, 23 September 2011

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