Initial model setup


Here are some photos and CAD images to help you with Initial setup of the new model. It may be also helpful when you building model from a kit.


Center of Gravity for the 152 - cm model can be 54 to 57 % of the root chord.
Center of Gravity for the 180 - cm model can be 55 to 59 % of the root chord.

Correct wing warps are important. It is easier to see them standing 2 meters from the model tail while the model is in the stoodge. Align your eye with the bottom surface of the wing at one point. Than you can see the warps of the rest of the wing. You can see the warps for the Glide in the picture. For the climb the left dihedral brake should have a little negative angle relative to the right dihedral brake.


This is initial Thrust setup.


Tailplane support is a small wooden block that defines VIT position of the stab. It should be 7.3 mm tall if measured from the bottom of the Tailboom.


This is approximate Fin position for the Climb.


This is approximate Fin position for the Glide.


A rubber loop helps to fold the blades and keeps them in consistent position during the glide.



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  • Friday, 23 September 2011

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