Mechanical Timer cleaning


To clean the Timer, remove it from the pylon, dip into the cleaning liquid and let it run there. You can use any cleaner for this. Gasoline is OK, I usually use cigarette lighter fuel (it is a very clean gasoline).

Cleaned and dry timer will not work. Use watch oil . If you have a choice, use the thinnest of them. It is formulated for the watch, so the viscosity does not change with the temperature. Apply a very small amount of the oil everywhere and add a couple of drops into the spring case.

I usually mix 20 drops of oil with 20 cu. cm of cigarette lighter fuel and dip the timer into it. When it dries, only the proper amount of oil is left on the gears. Then add 2 drops of oil to the spring.

If you do not have any of the above, use kerosene to clean. It will lubricate the timer as well.

If you do not have kerosene, diesel fuel can be used.

You may apply a few drops of CA glue on the timer posts to hold the timer together while inserting it into the pylon.

  • Friday, 23 September 2011

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